Edith Windsor, DOMA Defeater, Shares World's Most Inspiring Love Story

Earlier this week, the indefatigable Edith Windsor stopped by The New Yorker Festival to discuss her life as a gay woman growing up the mid-20th century. Among many other things she talked about with the magazine's Ariel Levy, Windsor also waxed sentimental about her late partner, Thea Spyer. The 84-year-old Windsor, as you probably know, was the plaintiff in Edith Windsor vs. the United States, the case that brought down the Defense of Marriage Act. It began when Spyer died in 2009, and Windsor was barred from claiming a federal tax exemption on Spyer's estate because she was not considered a spouse under DOMA. Thanks to Windsor, the Supreme Court struck down the law in June.
In her talk with Levy, Windsor explains how she left a loveless marriage to a man and eventually met Spyer, for whom she waited two years before they began dating. It's romantic as all get-out. We dare even the hardest hearts to not get a little misty listening to her.
You can see highlights from the talk below, or check out the full discussion here.

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