You’ll Never Guess Where We Snatched Up These Precious Must-Haves

In search of next-level-designer goods? Looking for niche brands to tout as the up-and-comers-of-tomorrow (and say you found 'em first)? Then you've landed in the right place. At COEUR, we've unearthed a treasure trove of pieces that we're itching to shop, right now! From one-of-a-kind, statement jewelry to hand-woven textiles, the variety here is top-notch. And, there's something for everyone.
The tradeshow's co-founder and creative director, Henri Myers, tells us that, "COEUR is all about showcasing the best of the best accessory, gift, home, and lifestyle collections under one roof." After scouring the 90+ featured brands, we're inclined to agree. The Los Angeles affair centers around a well-manicured, curated assortment you definitely won't find at your local shopping mall. Click through to view 22 brands we are so eager to shop.