Set Your DVRs, Kanye And Kimmel Are Facing Off Tonight

1Photo: Via Jimmy Kimmel/Twitter
Remember when Jimmy Kimmel and Kanye West got in that huge fight over Kimmel's spoof? Well, it's not going away. To get you up to speed, a few weeks back Kanye gave an interview in which he called himself "the number-one rock star on the planet." Kimmel launched a video spoof of the interview, which set Kanye into a full-on Twitter rant against the late-night host.
At first this may seem like your average, run-of-the-mill Kanye spat, but now there's a new development. Tonight, Kanye will be appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live, presumably to settle the feud once and for all. Some critics are wondering if this is all part of a clever, Kimmel-engineered ruse (å la the twerking fail), designed to promote either a Kanye performance or just the two stars in general. We can't tell either way, but we do know that we'll be tuning in to the madness. (Vulture)

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