Guess Which Socialite Just Garnered A Best Actress Award?

annabelle-2Photo: Courtesy of GenArt.

When your brother's a famous DJ, one sister's a highly sought-after womenswear designer, and the other sister's a renowned singer-songwriter, it's easy to feel like you've gotta find your own place in the limelight. And for model/designer Annabelle Dexter-Jones, that's exactly what she's done with her most recent accolade. For the 18th annual GenArt Film Festival, Dexter-Jones received the Female Stargazer award for best actress in the short film
And After All
. And the emphasis here is really on "short," as the film is a solid 12 minutes long.

According to GenArt, the Stargazer award "honors a uniquely powerful performance by an emerging actor and actress taking part in the festival." The socialite budding actress was recognized for her role as a New England transplant trying to make her way as an artist in New York. When she faces betrayal from her boyfriend and best friend, she decides to return to her small New England town to re-evaluate her path in life. Does anyone else feel like they're watching Gossip Girl?