We Are Very Jealous Of The H&M Kids’ Halloween Collection

Yes, you could definitely say that Halloween brings out our inner elementary schooler, stopping at nothing for our favorite pieces of candy and obsessed with landing the perfect costumes. And, this explains why we're green with envy looking at H&M's just-launched kids' Halloween costume collection. Instead of running to the big Halloween depot store and picking out one of those wear-once-and-throw-away kind of costumes — you know exactly what we mean — these new offerings step up the kiddie dressup game quite a bit.
From swashbuckling pirates to the most adorable, mini Marie Antoinette we've ever seen, the limited-edition collection comes equipped with all the necessary accessories — masks, tights, tiny puppy handbags all included. Plus, we're sure the drum-major sweatshirts could become a childhood wardrobe essential once October is over.
While we can try to squeeze into the biggest size offered in that skeleton onesie, we have a feeling that we'll just have to settle with squeeing with delight at the pictures ahead — and forwarding this link to every parent we know. Shop the entire Halloween collection at H&M when it launches October 10.

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