4 Killer Halloween Costume DIYs

Halloween is the great divider of holidays: You either look forward to it with unmitigated glee, or you hide out in a dark room with a bowl full of candy, growling every time you hear screaming children or drunken revelers. While we've definitely had our moments in Grumpy Town (it's kind of impossible to be out in public on Halloween in a big city without wanting to straight up murder someone), the thing that always draws us out of our Halloween hermitage is the possibility of whipping up some really stellar costumes.
This is the one time of year when our beauty imagination can roam completely wild. That's because a truly amazing costume isn't just about the clothing and accessories — it's about the genius hair and makeup you create to complement the outfit. Hell, sometime the hair and makeup are so fantastic, you don't even need anything else.
Here, we enlisted the help of MAC's Fatima Thomas and Cutler Salon's Kelsy Osterman to show us how to DIY four crazy-amazing costumes: Game Of Thrones's Daenerys, Miley Cyrus, Orange Is The New Black's Pennsatucky, and the Wicked Witch Of The West.
From hair to makeup to teeth (you'll see), click through to see how to replicate these fab looks and blow all those other costumes out of the water. Sexy ghost, sexy cop, and sexy Little Bo Peep never had a chance.

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