So, Some Guy's Living Inside The Astor Place Cube

No one's saying the New York real estate scene is a cakewalk, but we didn't realize it was this bad. Dave, a 37-year-old writer, felt so overwhelmed by the pressure of high rent and city living, he made a free home inside the Alamo sculpture, better known as the Astor Place cube. Sure, it's not easy having to create your own electricity by pedaling a bicycle, and you have to battle the bouts of nausea when pedestrians decide to spin the cube. But in Dave's perspective, it's all totally worth it.
Okay, so it turns out the video was part of a viral campaign for Whil, a meditation app aimed at New Yorkers who are too busy to do things like meditate. But we totally believed this for a solid three minutes. We've gotta say, we're relieved there isn't actually a person living inside the cube, though we'll definitely think twice before giving it a spin next time. (MSN)

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