Kate Moss Purrs About Thigh-High Boots On Her New “Single”

The legendary Kate Moss is known for many things, but her voice isn't one of them. Unlike Naomi Campbell, Milla Jovovich, and Tyra Banks, she never made an ill-advised attempt at a solo singing career (though, honestly, Jovovich's musical vibe was pretty cool). But, lo and behold, something like a Kate Moss single has wafted onto on our Soundclouds this morning.
A jaunty little dance track produced by DJ Brendan Fallis (something of a fashion darling himself), "Day And All Night" more or less features Moss purring (not singing, per se) choice quotes from her recent Stuart Weitzman campaign. "I think thigh-high boots are especially sexy and glamorous," she intones smoothly as a saxophone mews in the background. A breakthrough for the spoken word? Well, maybe for the "stylespeak" niche, although it'll be tough for anything to beat this classic.
Though Moss isn't a singer by trade, she did make an excellent appearance on Primal Scream's haunting cover of "Some Velvet Morning" almost a decade ago, and shared some songwriting credits with former boyfriend Pete Doherty. Never say never, Kate. Listen to her fresh track, below. [Vogue UK]
katemebedPhoto: via Vogue UK

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