KStew Designer Zuhair Murad Predicts This Year’s Emmys Dresses

zuhair01Photo: REX USA/Picture Perfect.
Do you remember when Zuhair Murad set the summer on fire when Kristen Stewart showed up, post-Rupert Sanderson? Had it not been for Murad's lace covering up the bits of KStew that needed to be covered up, the whole event wouldn't have had such shock value. Instead, Stewart used Murad's design to tell the world she's over it, done, moved on, and this outfit proves it. That's the power of Zuhair Murad's creations; they're as strong as they are delicate, and it's that balance that gives the women strong enough to wear him power.
So, needless to say when the opportunity arose to pick the designer's brain, we jumped. His dresses have becomes red carpet staples that elegantly show the strength in lace and negative space. And since we're not oracles of red carpet fashion (yet, not oracles yet), we thought this to be the most opportune moment to predict what we could be seeing this Sunday night when the Emmys take L.A. Oh, and obviously what the next awards season holds, too, so we can prepare accordingly.

What can we learn from girls like Kristen Stewart when it comes to casual, but edgy style?

"I believe what Kristen embodies is a fearless personal style. It may come off as casual or edgy, but ultimately it is her authenticity that is the most striking."

When it comes to showing skin (lace panels, side cutouts, etc), how can we show the most without treading into overexposure?

"My pieces are always centered around one ideal: the female body. Balance is key especially when embracing your natural shape and curves. For instance, if you have a perfect hourglass figure, it is best to opt for sheer panels of cut outs at the high-waist, angling towards the center to highlight your shape, with a deep v-cut at the bust. These lines all draw the eye to the center and give the illusion of the perfect hourglass body!"

With designers like J.W. Anderson, the fashion world is slowly heading into a more gender-neutral/androgynous territory. Menswear can be womenswear, and womenswear can be menswear. How can lace and sheer fabrics be made more "masculine?" How can men wear sheer/lace?

"The difference between menswear and womenswear is silhouette, of course. I think it is most interesting to blur the lines between gender dressing by using 'feminine' materials such as sheer and lace to add depth and nuance to classic silhouettes. For instance, a tuxedo jacket with an opaque lace cuff."

zuhair02Photo: REX USA/Picture Perfect.

Every awards show seems to have its vibe — crazy casual and ridiculous for the VMAs, Old Hollywood for the Oscars, super vampy for the Grammys — but what about the Emmys? Is there an unspoken rule of thumb?

"From my experience, and given that the Emmys take place at the end of summer, this ceremony is all about showing skin in the most elegant and unexpected ways. Last year, Sofia Vergara wore one of my favorite gowns from the Resort 2012 collection, which exhibited the perfect balance of glamour and sophistication."


Is there any one star who could just absolutely, all-out shock us with an awesome and unexpected gown?

"Claire Danes! She always does simple chic, but this year she’s going up for a big award, and I think a standout look will be the perfect pairing."

Do you think you could pick your ideal gown — either your design or not, up to you! — for the following women:
Claire Danes
Kerry Washington
Lena Dunham
Tina Fey
Helen Mirren

"I’m such a huge fan of Kerry Washington. I think she is epitome of sophistication. She has an elegance that can be subtle, but can easily be the standout star on the red carpet."

Lastly, what are we going to be seeing this awards season!? What will be the good, and the bad?

"This season we are going to see a lot of drama. I don’t think this will be a red carpet of simple dressing, but rather fitted silhouettes with heavy embellishment, or deconstructed bodices with fullness. It’ll be a fight for who can steal the carpet, not just walk it. The bad this season? Subtlety. This year is all about high voltage glamour, any who think otherwise will be in the shadows."

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