The Third Hemsworth Brother Is Just As Cute As The Others

We've been so busy obsessing over Miley and Liam (Are they? Aren't they?), that we made a huge oversight: We completely failed to notice that there is a third Hemsworth brother, Luke Hemsworth. This mystery hunk, 31, is an actor, just like younger siblings Chris and Liam. Now, the Aussie is making headlines stateside, because he just booked a big-time movie role, starring in the upcoming thriller Kill Me Three Times.
Brother Hemsworth will play a surfer trying to save the leading lady from her would-be killer, and something tells us this won't stray too far from reality (well, at least the surfer part). So, as much as we love his more famous bros, we can't wait to see more of him in the future; we're preparing for Hemsworth world domination. (Deadline)
oPhoto: Via Deadline