Marc Jacobs Is Pulling Those Neo-Nazi T-Shirts

Marc Jacobs has never shied away from putting boundary-pushing content on his T-shirts (his naked body, for one), and fashion — for better or worse — does a quick job of appropriating from other genres, social movements, and cultural symbols. But there's a difference between doing an homage to heavy-metal band tees like Balenciaga and reprinting a logo from a self-proclaimed neo-Nazi group. On sale now, Marc Jacobs has a $68 T-shirt featuring a combat-boot print that seemed to have been pulled from a 1987 LP by white-power band Skrewdriver.
A representative from Marc Jacobs told The Cut that it won't be reproducing the $68 T-shirt, as it wasn't aware of the connection between the print and the band (though, we're a little suspicious of whether Marc Jacobs didn't realize what Skrewdriver connotes, since he's an extremely clued-in individual when it comes to art, music, and culture — '90s rocks in particular). Click through to read the full statement, as well as which stores still stock the shirt. (The Cut)
marc-jacobs-opPhoto: Via Nordstrom

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