Breaking: Napping On The Subway Less Risky

metro-nap-mainPhoto: Courtesy of MetroNap
For anyone who has ever fallen asleep on the subway only to wake up in, say, Far Rockaway, you'll appreciate this latest development: MetroNap, a new app created by Tobias Domham, allows you to select which station you're at and where you need to get off, and will wake you up just before you arrive. The app can detect if the train is moving, and will vibrate when you're about to reach your destination.
Domham, an iPhone developer, was inspired to create the app when his girlfriend fell asleep on the subway and ended up at Coney Island. Though we personally appreciate any excuse to catch a few rides on the Cyclone, we acknowledge that it's not necessarily somewhere you want to end up at 9:30 a.m. on a Tuesday. So, what's the bad news? It's currently available only for Android users. Until then, iPhoners, familiarize yourself with these general subway etiquette rules so you can snooze politely. (Media Bistro)