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Jay Z And JT Release New “Holy Grail” Video On Facebook

If you can imagine something more epic than a collaboration video between Justin Timberlake and Jay Z, please let us know right away, because you may be eligible for a MacArthur grant. Both stars are sort of in the middle of slight re-brands — Jay as a slightly skinnier, artier version of Hov, JT as an even jazzier version of himself. Nothing major, but hey, there's plenty to love. Jay Z released a joint video effort featuring JT for "Holy Grail" on his Facebook page. And by the way, if you're wondering, it has over 230,000 likes and 91,000 shares as of now. So, yes, Jay Z is way more popular than you, but you probably knew that already (sorry).
Here it is, in all its shiny, flashy glory: