Chanel Iman May Have The Best Mom, Ever

Though the chatter after the VMAs is often about the more sensational and jaw-dropping moments (we're looking at you, Miley), The Cut found a totally heartwarming story to add to the mix. After a three-year hiatus, Chanel Iman, who attended the awards ceremony with boyfriend A$AP Rocky, will be returning to walk the runways of Fashion Week. Before the shows, Iman's visiting her mother in Los Angeles. As if that weren't sweet enough, Iman's mother apparently makes a care package for her to have during the big week. Iman told The Cut, "She gets together a little package for me to go on the Fashion Week road. There are some flats, double-stick tape, an extra battery for my cell phone, and a nice blanket." Aren't moms just the best? Plus, with all those handy supplies on deck, Iman's going to be the most popular girl backstage. (The Cut)
chanel-2Photo: Via The Cut.

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