The Best ’90s Revival Lipsticks

We don't know why the '90s are back, they just are — and in case you haven't noticed, we don't hate it. Quite the opposite, in fact: We've been Google image searching Sassy magazine covers for hair inspiration while feeling pleased with ourselves that we didn't get rid of that flannel gingham thrifted in San Francisco in 1999. So what if we show up to work looking like Blossom? We're just being trendy...not, ahem, reveling in the clothes we've hoarded for more than a decade.
The one thing missing from our grunge revival? Obviously, lipstick. Nothing says '90s cool girl like a burnished apricot, a true beige, or a vampy berry. So, we rounded up our favorite new lipstick to usher in this new/old look, and honestly, we can't wait to wear just about all of them. Who cares if just a year ago we would have shuddered at the thought? We're living in the now. Even if "now" is 1993-ish.

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