On Virginity: Lena Dunham Dares To Ask The Hard Questions

Why Lena Dunham Is The Best, Reason #1792: She shamelessly Instagrams other things we less bold beings would never dare. Take her latest #ThrowBackThursday, showing a grainy close-up of an old Time Out New York column, when Dunham, at the age of 19, found the courage to ask sex columnist Jamie Bufalino about virginity. We can't say for certain, but this might be one of the most honest questions Bufalino has ever received. Somehow, we can imagine Dunham's Girls character blurting out, "What a rite of passage! I feel like I'm in a Judy Blume novel: Are You There Jamie? It's Me, Margaret." during some scene where she encounters an obscure, you've-probably-never-heard-of-her literary idol. Even her buildup — "I have a reasonable amount of sexual experience..." — is pure Horvath.
The full question reads more like an inner stream of thought monologue, but that's expected, no? Thankfully, Bufalino's response kept up with Dunham's wit. The columnist's message was simple: There are numerous ways to say virginity (v-bomb being a particular fave), and no dude shunning the virginal females out there deserves the honor of deflowering a woman. Whether or not Dunham heeded to his advice — well, it'll probably come out in some cryptic fashion during Season 3 (maybe, hopefully). As for now, we might know the answer to a question we never asked: At what age did Lena Dunham leave the v-team?

Photo: via Instagram / @lenadunham.

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