Finally, Someone Broke Down Natural Makeup Into A Tutorial That’s Actually Easy

With all the rules, steps, and guidelines to putting on makeup, it's hard to decipher which way is up. We watch videos to get a visual tutorial and read articles on applying makeup, but everyone learns their own way and sometimes it can all be rather confusing. Always trying to simplify our lives, The Beauty Department composed this super handy infographic to teach us how to properly administer a natural makeup look.
The infographic provides beauty tips for barely-there makeup, from blending in concealer to preventing mascara clumps. Thought lip liner could only be used on Linda Evangelista circa 1993? Not if we select one in the same shade as our lipsticks. Products like foundation and highlighter should accentuate our born-with-it beauty, not compete with our faces for attention (read: Choose a foundation that matches our skin tones — it's not self-tanner here, people). The basics are all laid out and simplified in infographic form. First makeup gifs, now makeup infographics — we get so psyched when our love of beauty and the Internet blend together so seamlessly. (The Beauty Department.)
beautydeptPhoto: Via The Beauty Department.

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