Every Famous Four-Eyes On One Rad Poster

famous-eyewearPhoto: Courtesy of Pop Chart Lab.
We never really thought of the whole "four-eyes" high-school lingo as an insult. Sure, you may not have been blessed with the gift of 20/20 vision but, dang it, you were given a lifelong pass to experiment with wonderful eyewear. (Not that you need a prescription to do that, but you catch our drift).
There have always been a few famous spec styles we've personally loved, but the folks at Pop Chart Lab have compiled a huge list of fashion-forward frame-wearers into one amazing piece of wall decor. The Chart of Famous Eyewear includes every pair from Elton John's blinged-out babies to Steve Job's round, wire frames, plus, of course, Geordi La Forge's narrow, face-hugging specs that you often recreated with a headband in fifth grade. (Or was that just this writer?)
Priced at $27, this super-rad poster does a thorough job of honoring some of the coolest four-eyes in the world. (Hint: Click here to view all the details up close.)

Pop Chart Lab The Chart of Famous Eyewear, $27, available at Pop Chart Lab.

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