Is Jemima Kirke An Actual Threat To Jay Z?

So remember that time Jay Z sang Picasso Baby for an entire afternoon/evening to shoot a video in an NYC gallery? Yeah, we do, too. And undoubtedly so does Jemima Kirke, who had her own cameo in the epic vid. Apparently, though, getting serenaded by Hova wasn't quite enough for the actress/artist. No, she wanted some real QT — and we mean up close and personal.
Apparently Kirke clung on to Jay, attacking him in a hybrid hug/grip/tackle that was either strong enough or scary enough to get her escorted out of the gallery by security. Indeed, you can see some of this in the video itself. One witness called her over-the-top fandom "totally nuts," but does Jay Z really need protection from a Girls star? And would you honestly have the self control to act any differently? (On second thought, don't answer that — security could be watching.) (Perez Hilton)

Photo: Via Perez Hilton