Jimmy Fallon And Robin Thicke Cover "Blurred Lines" With Toys

Among the barrage of "Blurred Lines" covers that seem to have popped up over night, Jimmy Fallon has bestowed upon us a true gem. This is what happens when you put some solid musicians, a comedian, and a chart-topper in front of a camera and give them children's toys: Pure pop bliss (producers, take note). Armed with a wood block, Fallon and The Roots jam out to Thicke's summer anthem with the man himself. Think what you want about the song, but it's near impossible not to hum along with that recurring "hey, hey, hey." And with a twee xylophone and banana maraca accompaniment them, how can you not?
There's something a little bit odd about hearing a track about getting lucky put to a minimalistic Kidz Bop instrumental, but it's the risk you take to be the best cover out there. And like the original, Fallon's Thicke cover is competing with his cover of Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" for the honor of being the summer song of 2013. He struck gold with Thicke, but having Kristen Wiig impersonate Michael Jordan while singing Daft Punk is pretty, well, lucky. (Vulture)

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