#TIL: 5 Wonderful Facts About Kristen Bell

kbPhoto: Via Twitter.
Kristen Bell, Hollywood's cutest blonde and the world's most respected tearful sloth expert, descended from her throne of cuteness/new motherhood yesterday to grace Reddit with her presence on an r/funny "Would You Rather" thread. For super fans like us though, this was basically the greatest thing ever, not to mention a wonderfully educational experience all around!
Though we highly recommend ditching the rest of your afternoon of outdoor enjoyment to peruse this thread, we get it if your picnic plans can't be cancelled. So here are a few of our favorite tidbits — you should probably write this information down and keep it in your wallet in case you ever run into Bell and need to make some interesting, impromptu conversation. [Note: (sic) everywhere, all the time].
She's an excellent negotiator. Question: "Would you rather let all sloths go extinct on the proviso that you get to keep one which is immortal and will have full conversations with you or allow the sloths to live but you were never allowed to see one again either in person or in any other way?"Her response: "This is a terrible/brililant question. im feeling selfish. guarantee me the ecosystem doesn't suffer b/c of lack of sloths and that every current sloth gets to live out its natural dying days and youve got yourself a deal. now give me my talking sloth."
She's a very fast thinker. One fan asked the perplexing question: "Would you rather own a chain of vegan fast food restaurants or have the ability to fly but only when you really had to pee?" Her deft reply: "id drink alot of water so i could always fly, id make cashish giving people fly rides, and OPEN UP a fast food vegan chain. boom."
Her heart is, obviously, in the right place. Given the choice between being a rich, successful singleton and an unemployed, but happily married woman, she wisely reminded us that love is "the most important thing."
She is familiar with the glory of Kristin Chenoweth. And thus refused to make a decision between playing Veronica Mars for the next 10 years or spending a day in Chenoweth's pocket: "i want both of these things to happen. i couldnt possible choose."
And best of all, she's a total freak for Game of Thrones! She would rather have a dragon than be one ("which i do in my dreams every night when I AM Daenerys Stromborn of the house Targaryen"). And second of all, despite her undying love for husband Dax Shepard, she said she'd rather go for a part on GoT than on his show Parenthood. Of course, true fans already knew about this shared obsession, especially if you follow her Twitter.
In desperate need of more? Check out the full thread here!

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