Look Cool When You’re Sweating Bullets

Hey, you — the one slowly turning into a puddle. It's hot out there, huh? Between the muggy atmosphere, the relentless rays, and the climbing temperatures, you swear you can literally see cartoon-type, wave-y heat vapors emanating from every surface (your own body, included). Putting anything on in this weather feels akin to doing another rep at the gym when our legs are already jelly — but short of leaving the house in just your birthday suit, what's a girl to do to stay cool (without getting fined for indecent exposure) in this oppressive heat? Forget 30 summer fashion essentials...we've been stuck in a shorts and tank rut for weeks now, and hankering to break out of it.
While none of these tips will keep you from sweating in 100-degree weather, it will keep you from feeling quite as uncomfortable. From little tips to prevent sweat stains and uncomfortable chafing to advice on summer-specific items to look for the next time you're shopping, here's a comprehensive guide that isn't just a lot of — ahem — hot air.
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