My City, My Style: Angela Scanlon Takes Clerkenwell By Storm

We've always had a soft spot for our Irish neighbours. Guinness, Graham Norton, even (don't judge) a bit of Westlife — what's not to love? Now, we think it's safe to say our fondness has been kicked into a full-blown fixation, and it's all down to the oh-so-lovely, insanely stylish Dublin native Angela Scanlon.
Shuttling back and forth between Dublin and London, the redheaded TV presenter, writer, and fashion gal possesses a charming Irish lilt and a playful personality that's truly addictive. And her clothes? Oh boy. As these shots taken in and around her favourite Clerkenwell hangouts aptly illustrate, Scanlon's fondness for saturated colours (take note, gingers) and show-stopping footwear is the stuff of dreams. The luck of the Irish, or just great fashion sense? You decide.
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