Lady Gaga Is Nearly Naked Walking Around New York City

It's pretty hot in New York City — like, heatwave status. Simply walking outside our offices is like walking into a sauna, and don't even get us started about what it's like in the subways. For some of us, bringing an extra shirt is a must on days like today. For others, like Lady Gaga, a shirt is, seemingly, optional.

Apparently, it's so hot outside that Mother Monster just had to leave her top at home.
Maybe she's afraid of tan lines? Maybe she was so excited about those towering boots and her bodycon skirt that she didn't want a shirt to steal attention? Either way, there she is, flaunting everything she's got. And, while the jury's still out on the whole no top thing, we say it's great to see her healthy and thriving post-surgery.

Rumor has it she's headed to London to make her first stage debut at the iTunes Festival since canceling the Born This Way Ball, but we'll never know since she's gone and deleted her whole Twitter feed. At least she's staying cool, though, right?

Photo: D. DaSilva/Rex/Rex USA.