Are You One Of The Top 10 Worst People On The Subway?

Anyone who takes the New York City subway can tell you they've seen their fair share of spectacles. From full-on breakdance performances to orchestral quartets, the happenings in the MTA are rarely boring. But they can be annoying. As Gawker points out in their article, "The Ten Worst People On The Subway," even if you're not part of an acapella group on the R train, you may still be quite the distraction on someone's morning commute — and in a bad way.
Targeted practices from Gawker's roundup include getting onto a train before letting others get off, eating a tray of cooked food, and leaning against poles. Take a look and see if you're guilty of these commuter crimes. Of course, we think we'd throw a couple of other habits onto the list: Namely, applying a morning routine's worth of makeup, and coughing/sneezing alarmingly close to us without covering your mouth. (Gawker)
Image: Via Gawker

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