Coco Rocha Slams Celeb “Fashion Icons” Who Have Stylists

Sorry Hollywood, but having your high-powered celebrity stylist call in something from right off the runway does not a style icon make. Or so says Coco Rocha. The supermodel, who is also known for having some pretty outspoken opinions on everything from technology to model labor laws recently proclaimed in Marie Claire that, "now a 20 year old borrows couture and is crowned an icon." The context of the quote came about because the mag asked her who her ultimate sartorial idol is, and Rocha proclaimed the classic Elizabeth Taylor, saying "She was the world's most glamorous woman in the days before celebrity stylists."
Rocha has a point — being dressed up by a team doesn't mean a celeb is inherently "best dressed," even if that star looks great in the dress du jour. We'd like to think great style isn't something that can be paid for, but comes from years of experimenting, pushing personal boundaries, and being immune to trends (see: Diane Kruger, Helen Mirren, Kerry Washington). Certain women just have the certain je ne sais quoi to look like they are wearing their outfits, instead of their outfits wearing them. Stylists provide cutting-edge couture, but not the confidence to pull it off. (The Daily Mail)

Photo: Via Daily Mail

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