Kristen Stewart Shows Off Her New Tattoos, We’re Totally Confused

Breakup rituals are an important part of getting over your ex — whether you hit the gym (or the Ben & Jerry's) extra hard, dye your hair, or take up knitting. For Kristen Stewart, it seems her "I'm sooooo over RPatz" move was getting inked. The star was spotted at a Nashville tattoo salon a while back, and now she's showing off her new tats in Paris.
And, just what did she get, you ask? No, not the Twilight logo, but instead...ambiguous symbols. She decked out her right wrist with what we think is an infinity sign, and her left wrist with four small straight lines. Since this is KStew she's keeping mum on the meaning of it all, but that doesn't stop us from guessing. Does it symbolize her infinite love for vampires? Her never-ending sarcasm? Only time will tell. (Perez Hilton)

Photo: Via Perez Hilton