Who Wore It Better: Azealia Banks Or Bowser From Super Mario?

When one decides to walk out of the house with a suit of armored-but-plush spikes adorning their body, it's necessary to give props where props are due. But long gone are the days of the MAC-wearing, Alexander Wang-approved Azealia Banks; Yung Repunxel seems to have gone from sea punk to sea urchin, spiny protrusions included. Clearly, this iteration of Banks is festival-only: Her recent outfits have been over the top and costume-y (as opposed to the chic leather number she wore, say, at our Fashion Week party). While Azealia doesn't quite have the same in-demand status she had back after "212" dropped, her festival-circuit appearance is allowing her to take the stage at some pretty major events.
Clearly, playing at a summer concert wearing netted spikes and spandex certainly makes a statement. Even if that statement is a little boss-battle Bowser meets Paris Is Burning. (Which isn't a bad thing. We think...)

Photo: Rune Hellestad/Nintendo

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