What To Wear If You Think You May Run Into Rob Pattinson

The first thing that came to mind when hearing Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson broke up (again): Try and guess the next Hollywood starlet he might pry his sexy fangs into.
And, there we go again, selling ourselves short. What did RPattz ever do to make us assume he was so vapid that he would only date a red-carpet regular? Nothing. So, in reality, he could technically date you or I (but hopefully me), right? That's why we decided it's time that we give ourself the true credit we deserve and let our sparkling skin shine through.
But, just to make sure you go into this with all odds in your favor, we created a little cheat sheet for what to wear if wanting to attract Pattinson. Careful with this though — it's a pretty strong calling card. Pair all the items together too fast and the bloodsucker might crash through your window while riding a werwolf (or, something like that...)
Image: Courtesy of Dior.

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