Meet Our Favorite Model's Sister — Bound For Superstardom, Of Course

Allow us to introduce you to the coolest new model on the planet. Before you say anything, no this isn't Suki Waterhouse (a.k.a Bradley Cooper's GF and a superstar in her own right). It's her little sister Immy.
With bright eyes; a youthful stare; and a sultry, full pout, she's clearly earned her place as the face of G21 at Asda. Yup, good looks clearly run in the gene pool. Whilst Suki has put posing on a bit of a back burner after moving to Hollywood and gracing the tabloids thanks to her relationship with Bradley Cooper, it’s Immy we’re buzzing about. Though still in her teens, it seems she's already starting to carve out quite the career for herself. She has previously shot campaigns for Coast and Urban Outfitters, and now this. Something suggests she's here to stay. Watch this face space!
Photo: Courtesy of G21 Talent at George / Lee Publicity

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