Crazy In Love: The Wild Romance Of A Juggler And Fire Sculptor

We're all for a good love story so the most recent write-up in the New York Times had us cooing and awing all over the place. To say that juggler Lindsay Benner and now-husband sculptor Dan Das Mann, had a whirlwind romance would be an understatement — nothing about their courtship was understated. The pair first met at Burning Man where Das Mann's large sculpture was, literally, on fire. It caught Benner's eye, and she complimented his work. But when the pair met again months later at a party (she with her boyfriend; he, alone) they didn't recognize each other, but that didn't stop them from feeling the heat.
It was love at first (well, second) sight, and despite Benner's other guy, Das Mann pursued. The two met several times in clandestine situations, as "friends," until Das Mann kissed her. In that moment, Benner said she could see a "vision of [her] future." It was a sign. Still, she was with another man and after months of back and forth, Benner couldn't handle the relationship juggling act anymore. She called it off with Das Mann. Complete silence. Until Das Mann sent one text, a simple comma, to symbolize they were just on "pause," and showed up at her juggling performance in California (while he was supposed to be overseeing a sculpture build at a party under the supervision of none other than Benner's other boyfriend).
Benner knew from seeing him in the audience that Das Mann was the one for her. She broke it off with the other guy. Flash forward years later and Das Mann and Benner are sending out laser-cut rocks as wedding invitations (mistaken by one invitee as a grenade) and walking into their reception with flame throwers and purple faux-fur-clad groomsmen in tow. In this romance, life is really one big circus, and love is the greatest show on Earth. (New York Times)
Photo: Via New York Times

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