Hipster Newsstands? Get Your Zines & Artisanal Jerky On The Go

If you love dressing up like Jackie from Roseanne, are always thinking of awesome new DIY projects, or just very earnestly love artisanal jerky (no, we're not judging), you're going to flip over The Newsstand.
Located inside the Lorimer Street/Metropolitan Avenue station, The Newsstand is, well, a newsstand, but different. Here, you can buy vintage vinyl records, bottles of cold Kombucha, Kings County Beef Jerky, and a carefully curated selection of independent magazines. It even has a zine vending machine, made from a repurposed old-school condom dispenser.
Of course, don't bother stopping by if you're in need of something trivial, like say, tissues or your daily cup of coffee. The Newsstand doesn't carry such items quite yet. But, hey, whatever you do purchase, you can pay for with a credit card! Which is great because sometimes you find yourself strapped for cash in the subway and you just really need to have that $30-reusable-wine-bag.(Gothamist)

Photo: Via Gothamist