Collab Alert! Get Your Very Own Piece Of “The Bling Ring”


Tonight's the night, New York:
The Bling Ring
is finally in theaters, meaning you can finally get all the Americanized Emma Watson your heart desires. But, if a viewing has you longing for even more '90s nostalgia, then VFILES' newest collab is for you.

To celebrate the release of Sofia Coppola's latest masterpiece, the fashion site has put together an exclusive goody bag inspired by products from the film. For $99, you'll get a set of shorts emblazoned with the movie's catch phrases ("I wanna rob"), Hollywood-inspired nail art, and ring pops. The set, which comes packaged in a tongue-in-cheek evidence bag, is perfect for channeling Hollywood ritz and glitz. Pick yours up at the VFILES shop at 12 Mercer Street — now, let's go to Paris.

Photo: Courtesy of VFILES