UPDATED: Nobody Paid Zosia Mamet $32K For Her Music Video

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UPDATE: It appears that Ms. Mamet's project didn't receive the attention she was hoping, with the project fizzling out at $2,783, a good $29,217 short of her goal. Womp womp. (TMZ)
First thing's first, the song is good: catchy, kinda sad, something you can really sing along to. Great. Now that that's out of the way, let's talk about the elephant in the room: the price tag for Zosia Mamet and sister Clara's "Bleak Love" music video.
The singing duo, who go by the name "The Cabin Sisters," claim on their Kickstarter page that they usually "keep [their] music to [themselves]," but would now like to connect with you (fans/potential donors) to share a "different side."
And just what will it all cost you? Well, if you're looking for a framed, handwritten lyric sheet, plus vinyl, a T-shirt, and a download, you're looking at $1,000, while a 45-minute Skype session over tea and singing will cost you $2,500. (There is, however, a signed banjo for the same amount, which we think is a much better deal.) As for even bigger ticket items? Five-thousand bucks gets you a date with Zosia to a Cinema Society Event (chic!), $7,000 affords a guest-starring role in the very video you're donating to, while $8,000 lands you Zosia's signed Girls director's chair. So, what do you say? Help out the sisters Mamet and fork it over? Or just listen and enjoy...for free. (The Gloss)

Photo: via Kickstarter / The Cabin Sisters.

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