Did Alison Mosshart Just Design The Perfect Leather Jacket?

Rockstars are known for their swagger and style: Jimmy had his headband and vest, Mick has his tight pants, Lennon had his round glasses. Heck, even Justin Bieber's got those drop-crotches. And now, The Kills' Alison Mosshart has her own jacket — literally.
Teaming up with R29 beloved-brand Surface To Air, the singer and artist has crafted her ideal leather coat. She says, "I never saw it, just dreamt about it…I wanted the sleeves to roll, and the lining in each sleeve and in the body to be different colored silks: red, white and blue. A collar that would stand up. Black leather with a good shape, good movement at high speeds." Yes, "good movement at high speeds" are necessary for running around on stage, but it sounds like Mosshart has left no fashion-stone unturned. We especially love the attention to detail on the mismatching silks, and the collar that stays up. As for the fringe? Well, we'll leave that to the budding rockstars in all of us.
Tell us what you think of the collaboration jacket and stay tuned for availability and pricing this month.

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