A Mini “Friends” Reunion? Only Ellen Can Make It Happen!

Rachel Green is hosting The Ellen Show today — we think. Okay, so maybe we got a little bit too excited what with all of those rumors floating around about a Friends reunion movie, and maybe, we might have sat all but inches from the screen scrutinizing every aspect of this teaser clip. In sketch format, Aniston arrives at Matthew Perry's home to ask him for some show hosting advice. Perry, shocked at Aniston's unannounced appearance, doesn't seem interested in playing his beloved Chandler persona here too much. "You really shoulda called!" he says, but not with Chandler's trademark perma-amusement (though he nailed the intonation on "It's 8 a.m., IN the morning" just right)! Then, Monica Courtney emerges and there's a funny moment when the camera slows and everyone reels at the idea that the two are sleeping together — in real life. Good stuff. But Cox quickly exits the scene, making way for Portia de Rossi and Ellen to make their cameo appearances (perhaps to replace our beloved missing cast members), creeping out of Perry's house and denying their involvement in what seems to have been a wild night.
Sure, it's all a little bit odd, but still, laughs! We had them! (At least a couple!) Are we complete sentimentalists if we really don't care how bad our Friends is, so long as we have 'em? Watch the sketch below and weigh in on how it makes you feel. Yeah, it's a nostalgic kind of Wednesday, and we're missing that colorful flat just above Central Perk alright.

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