Zach Galifianakis’ Formerly Homeless BFF Story Is The Best

Well, Zach Galifianakis officially wins Hollywood's most humble celebrity award. The bearded funny man we've always had a (not-so) friendly crush on is alledgedly taking a formerly homeless woman he's befriended over the years to this Monday's premiere of the final installment of The Hangover. You may have seen her before and perhaps thought his repeat date was his grandmother, but Elizabeth "Mimi" Haist has accompanied Galifianakis to plenty of premieres, because she and the comedian are actually long-time friends.
Haist met Galifianakis in 1994 when she volunteered at a local L.A. laundromat, surviving off tips. At the time, the comedian was still trying to make it big, but stopped coming into Fox Laundry after his success with The Hangover. Haist remembers thinking, "Maybe he has his own washer and dryer now." Galifianakis probably did, but two years ago, after learning that his one-time pal was homeless, he immediately got her a one bedroom apartment and now pays for her rent. Pal Renée Zellweger even does Haist's grocery shopping. Our hearts are melting.
Consider our faith in celebrity humanity restored. (Also worth noting: The only reason the press found about about their arrangement is because newspapers pried — Galifianakis has been mum on the whole thing.) Is someone cutting onions in here? (New York Daily Mail)

Image: via New York Daily Mail.