Alison Brie Like You’ve Never Seen Her Before (On Roller Skates)

Be careful, Jennifer Lawrence, because Alison Brie may be coming for your title of most amiable celebrity. If you aren't quite familiar with Brie, yet, perhaps it is because you haven't joined the cult of Community — but certainly you might know her as Mad Men's Trudy Campbell. She also is beloved upon the Internet, too.
So, seeing her hit the roller rink for jewelry designer Irene Neuwirth is a real treat. Watching her bedecked in some pretty glam arm and neck candy and skating around middle-school-style is so unlike the bubbly, "girl next door" we are used to seeing on TV, but it's refreshing that Neuwirth (and director Poppy de Villeneuve) sees that sort of every-gal charm that Brie so clearly possesses. Also, how Jersey is that car? So perfect.

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