The Latest Anti-Aging Trick: Faking Freckles. Yes, Really.

We all have our methods when it comes to keeping our skin young and fresh, but those truly ingenious tricks are often so unorthodox that they sound downright unbelievable. The newest (or, actually, not quite new, but novel in its implementation) anti-aging technique has nothing to do with retinol or injectables — according to makeup pro Ruth Crilly, the easiest way to keep your youthful visage is to fake a few freckles.
Already seen on Holly Fulton models at London Fashion Week and in debut products from Illamasqua and MAC, there's just something youthful about the way freckles appear on your face. Faux frecks are achieved by applying normal foundation over the bridge and nose and on the tops of the cheeks. Then, draw large, light, and closely packed freckles with eyeshadow. You can place additional dots on your T-zone with a pencil brush and shadow powder. Of course, to make the freckles look as natural as possible, you should aim for a scattered effect, though Crilly emphasizes the importance of layering.
We can see so many ways for this to go wrong, leaving you looking like a walking Wendy's mascot, however, we can definitely see the appeal. There's something about a face full of freckles that adds an aura of youth to a complexion. Would you paint on faux freckles? (Daily Mail)

Image: Via Daily Mail

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