Sotheby’s Tries Its Hand At Craigslist… Awkwardness Ensues

UPDATE: We've received word that this is indeed a hoax, but we're laughing up a storm nonetheless.
The whole job-finding process can be stressful, overwhelming, and seemingly impossible — for the job seekers, that is. On the other hand, employers have it easy, what with simply posting an ad and waiting for all the amazing candidates to start fighting over their once-in-a-lifetime position. Unless you're Sotheby's.
The auction house (and age-old New York institution) may be at the forefront when it comes to finding the most valuable artwork and estate pieces around, but they've got some work to do in the ol' technology department. A recent Craigslist ad tells all, and while it starts out harmlessly — job description, qualifications required, etc — one scroll down reveals the most head-scratching typo we've ever seen. It seems Sotheby's employees haven't quite gotten the hang of copy-and-pasting. This could be a drawn-out and hilarious hoax, but until we hear otherwise, we're going to chalk it up to a total what the... situation. (BuzzFeed)

Photo: Via BuzzFeed