Well, This Is Awkward... Anna Wintour & Marc Jacobs See Double

What happens when two people show up at an event wearing the same thing? It's a cringe-inducing, eye-averting, fashion faux-pas. And what happens when the two people happen to be Anna Wintour and Marc Jacobs? Apparently, not much. Yes, despite their matching overcoats, the night was not ruined when, on Thursday, the editrix-turned-art-director, and designer-turned-actor showed up in the same fur Prada topper to screen The Great Gatsby.
In fact, the only chortles that ensued were not at their expense, but rather with their blessing. Teen Vogue's Amy Astley tweeted: “Great minds think alike. #annawintour @marcjacobsintl wearing @prada tonight #thegreatgatsby screening. Double good!” Double good, indeed. Now the only question left is, "Who wore it better?" Do you prefer Wintour's ladylike take on the daisy-embellished overcoat or Jacobs' laid-back, sneaker ensemble? Give us your fave in the comments below. (The Gloss)
Photo: Via Instagram/@amytastley.

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