Anna Wintour Donates Two Fashion Samples From Vogue‘s Fashion Closet

Fashion magazines' sample closets are the stuff of legends, filled wall to wall, floor to ceiling with current-season, limited-edition, ridiculously expensive merchandise that typically require a whole staff of people to maintain. The samples are just that — samples — and are non-commercial versions sent by brands in order for publications to style and shoot for the magazine. Swiping samples is grounds for termination, but "borrowing" pieces is a rampant practice (ever wondered how most top-level editors were able to access current- or pre-season styles during Fashion Week? That's how.).
To support the Beating Bowel Cancer fundraising efforts, Anna Wintour has dug into her own publication's gold mine and have turned up with two bags, a Reed Krakoff boxer tote and a Salvatore Ferragamo braided hobo to auction off. The bags are in "perfect condition direct from the U.S. Vogue Closet." Bids at the moment have not yet exceeded £102.
Some publications have been asking if Wintour even has the right to donate samples that don't technically belong to her, but we say, she's Anna Wintour. We're sure she found the time to ring up Reed and Massimiliano Giornetti of Ferragamo themselves to get the A-OK for charity — and even if she didn't, we're sure it's kosher by default of her being Anna Wintour. Read more about the fundraising project at (Huffington Post)

Photos: Courtesy of eBay

Opener Photo: Courtesy of Forward Forward