Did Ryan Gosling Dress Better Than Eva Mendes?

In most hetero relationships (read: ours), the sartorial claim to fame belongs to the women. It's not that the men can't be fashionable, per se. But, the fairer sex are typically more in tune with how to make themselves look perfect for every occasion, while men, well, end up wearing flat-brim hats and hoodies to a cocktail party.

Of course, when it comes to Hollywood couples, the normal rules don't apply — when the beau goes for his regular manscaping appointment and has a facialist on speed-dial, all bets are off. Which, surreptitiously, is how we came to our analysis of Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling at
The Place Beyond The Pines
premiere. The two arrived (coyly, of course!) at the East Village's Landmark Sunshine Cinema dressed to the nines. And, while we can't get enough of Eva's sumptuous beauty, it's our humble opinion that Ry Gos totally upstaged her.


Photo: Courtesy of StarPix

That's right, the hunky actor sported rocked a full-on velvet suit. It takes a confident man to stray from the typical black-on-black 'fit that's all over the red carpet, and we can't think of anyone better suited for the job. Of course, it helps that the charcoal hue highlights those piercing baby blues.
What do you think? Did Ryan achieve the impossible by outdoing Eva?
Photo: Erik Pendzich/Rex USA