The Hottest New Sneaker Trend Is Actually Very Old

Unless you're some sort of shoe goddess who cleans her collection every night, your precious sneakers will get dirty. But for some of us, that's the whole point — sneakers are just better when they've been worn, torn, and reduced to a mess of memory-inducing canvas and rubber. That's where Converse's new line of Chuck Taylors comes in. The iconic shoe brand is taking a new approach to the sneaker trend — and no, we're not talking about the ubiquitous hidden wedge. You know how you used to buy sand-blasted, paint-splattered, pre-wrinkled jeans back in the early '00s? Well, now you can buy shoes that look like you've already walked a marathon and maybe played a few too many games of kickball in them, before you even slip 'em on for the first time.
The Well Worn collection embodies Converse's spirit of "Shoes Keep It Clean, Sneakers Get Dirty." It features all the qualities your well-loved pair of sneakers can only develop with extensive use: Scuffed toe caps, stained soles, and wrinkled canvas. We have to admit, these are pretty cool. There is, however — and call us old fashioned — just something about dirtying up your new Chucks by actually walking miles in them that seems more authentic than buying your Chucks worn in. What do you think? Would you buy them? And more importantly, would you admit to it? (Grazia Daily)
Photo: Courtesy of Converse.

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