Kanye & Kim Kardashian Pick A Baby Name, Exceed Expectations

There are plenty of things to be said (and not said) about KimYe, and we usually sit the discussion out, but today we are faced with one irrefutable fact: Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are having a baby, and the current rumored name for said baby is actually a direction.
Apparently Kanye and Kim have settled on the name North for their child. For those of you who are keeping track, that means the joyful bundle (which Kim has already decided will take Yeezy's name) will be North West. North West, if we are not mistaken, is an ordinal direction. For instance, the northwest part of this country is capped off by, say, Washington or Oregon. Or Morningside Heights is in the northwest part of Manhattan. As you can see, combining North and West is a useful delineation for when your cardinal directions just don't cut it.
Two quick observations: Mama Kris is probably furious that the name doesn't start with a "K" like its parents and extended relatives, and also, do you think they are really big fans of Elijah Wood? (Bullett)

Photo: MediaPunch Inc/Rex USA.

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