The Top 15 Places To Let Your Inner Spring Breaker Out

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Before we dive into the 15 most intense places to spend your spring break, we have to ask, who has actually gone on a real spring break? We're talking the booze everywhere, teensy bikinis, endless hangover, movie-caliber type of spring break made famous by MTV and Girls Gone Wild. As far as we can remember, the televised spring breaks were a fantasy land many of us never traveled to — nor had any real interest in, to be honest. Yet somewhere on some campus far, far away, there are students stuffing their bags and opening up extra bank accounts whispering those two notorious words, "spring break, spring break, spring break" over and over again, presumably because they have seen this trailer.
Anyway, the folks over at COED Magazine have put together a helpful list of the most insane places to travel to for those of you who still haven't made any plans or are lusting for the days when you had a week-long break in the middle of March. Surprisingly, Florida does not top the list. Daytona Beach is third following South Padre Island, Texas in second, and Las Vegas reigns supreme. The list is based on the percentage of Hooters, strip clubs, liquor stores, tattoo parlors, and bars with liberal closing times per capita — all the things necessary for a proper spring break, duh. They also analyzed the city's open-container laws for good measure, because it wouldn't be a real spring break if you couldn't walk around a beach with a red cup filled with some amateur mixed drink.
According to the study, Las Vegas allows open containers year round. There are also 53 strip clubs, 122 casinos, 126 liquor stores, and over 100 places to get that tattoo you may or may not regret because you were too busy YOLO-ing to care. South Padre Island may be the "largest beach party in the world" according to Rolling Stone but it has no Hooters (bummer!) and a meager two tattoo shops. They do, however, allow all types of alcohol to be carried that's pretty cool. Click through for the full list where spring break is forever; although after Spring Breakers, we're not too sure we'd want it to last that long. (The Daily Mail)
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