Isabel Marant Is Her Own Muse, And Hates That Everyone Copied Her Sneaker Wedge

In what may be the most refreshing news of the week (and yes, for the record, it's Monday), Isabel Marant let the world know that she designs for nobody but herself. The French designer who has become the master of effortless cool and casual chic, as well as the momma of the sneaker wedge, tells Telegraph UK, "It's true that I am my own muse."
As the story reports, the Marant headquarters itself acts as a source of inspiration, as it's filled to the brim with "cool women." This internal bevy of style stars may also be what dictates the brand's appeal, dressed in clothing that's womanly, comfortable, and appropriate for knocking everything off their to-do list, yet remaining chic.
Marant also touches on a bit of controversy in the Telegraph report, as she addresses her frustration over the popularity of the sneaker wedges that once were solely attributed to her, (but soon blew up once spotted on every editor and fashion blogger on the web). "As soon as you have an idea, it's copied and you don't like it in a minute," she also states in regard to the interweb's effect on the fashion industry. But with Marant's designs coming from such an honest and instinctual place we're sure she has nothing to worry about. Read more of Marant's feedback on the fashion industry, and why she once claimed that "fashion was all that I hated" (granted, she was 15) in the link ahead. (Telegraph UK)

Photo: Via Telegraph UK

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