Iron Man 3 Trailer Shows A Very, Very Upset Gwyneth Paltrow

Robert Downey Jr. is mad. Gwyneth Paltrow is sad. And, well, Ben Kingsley, as The Mandarin, is bad. And this is the premise for the Iron Man 3 trailer, which just debuted today in its entirety. Expect to be bombarded with Downey Jr. as Stark for the next month and a half, as the first post-Avengers Avenger movie is getting ready to be released.
Taking a page from the book of "Weirdly Voiced Villains," we get to hear Ben Kingsley croak and threaten Tony, who watches as his life (i.e. poor Pepper Potts, played by Paltrow) falls apart. Also seen is Don Cheadle in his full War Machine attire, and dozens and dozens of Iron Men. Hey, you mess with Stark, you get one ticked off genius billionaire-playboy philanthropist.

Photo: Courtesy of Marvel

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