Jenna Lyons & Courtney Crangi (Finally) Open Up About Their Relationship

When we heard that J. Crew majordomo Jenna Lyons had split from Vincent Mazeau, her husband of nine years, and took up with Courtney Crangi, it wasn't scandalous, per se. But it was certainly a surprise. Since then, the pair has remained quiet about their relationship — perhaps because of the media circus around it, or perhaps because of her testy divorce from Mazeau — with only Lyons making a full public mention of her new partner during her Glamour Women of the Year Award acceptance speech back in November. Still, the public has remained curious about the relationship between these two fashionable, charismatic, powerful women.
Well, we may not have all the answers, but Crangi and Lyons are opening up a bit thanks to a profile in the pages of V Magazine. Likening the duo to "two teenagers in love," V offers up the first posed photo of them as a loving couple (wearing J. Crew and Philip Crangi, of course). Of their relationship, Lyons says, "For me the best thing is knowing that someone really has your back...Like no matter what happens, she has my best interests at heart." Aw. Crangi, for her part, confirms the wonder of her new love: “I think the most amazing thing about Jenna, although there are many amazing things about her, is really her grace under pressure.” Lovely.
Sure, this is all a bit dry and — what's the word — filtered, but maybe that's all these obviously private people want to share with us. Certainly, they'd have good reasons for that. None of this means, however, that we aren't still very interested in being a fly on the wall in their new home. We mean, Lyons' last one was pretty amazin'. (V Magazine)
Photo: Courtesy of V

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