Aaand Here’s The Red-Band Trailer Of Spring Breakers With Disney-Girls Gone Bad

Is this for real? Did we just get punk'd by director Harmony Korine? We've been on Spring Breakers countdown ever since we first heard about the movie, which looks like some sort of indie-film prank on Selena-Gomez and Vanessa-Hudgens fans. Not to mention admirers of ringleader-with-a-grill James Franco, who is channeling Riff-Raff's hair and a crazy accent that makes him say stuff like, "'spicious."
The red-band trailer is chock-full of swear words and gunshots, and the girls going really, really wild. The narrative is clear: James Franco's character, Alien, sets all the girls loose, and loose is the way they go. (All, that is, except for Gomez's character who is not-so-subtly named Faith.) Heavy-handed, yes, but also terribly intriguing.

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